Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 Days Of Thankfulness, Day 7

Thankful for sports and all that they entail--especially coaches. My kids have had the privilege of being in soccer, softball, volleyball, wrestling, football...each sport was of their own choosing. My one rule was they could not quit before the season was over. Some sports they loved, some proved to be more work then my kids anticipated, but they all accomplished so much in the lives of my children. They learned sportsmanship, commitment, skill, teamwork, dedication and perseverance. They also learned how much their parents loved them to buy the uniforms, equipment and drive them to practice and games...I acted like it was a huge burden and they should appreciate the effort I made (and they should) but I wouldn't miss these games and these memories for the world! I am thankful they have stayed safe through dives, tackles, kicks and slides and I am so very thankful for the men and women who have coached, volunteered as team moms, took photos, and set examples for my kids...sometimes it really does take a village...and thanks to friends who have made my children feel like celebrities as you stood on sidelines and sat in bleachers cheering them on--I love you for that! ♥