Saturday, December 18, 2010

True friendship...

Today was the final playoffs for soccer. Adriana's team was fighting for first place against the Elmo's Gone Bad, which also happens to be a team with two of her closest friends. Due to the rain, the region decided to go into penalty kicks instead of postponing the games once again.
I received a text from one of Adriana's friends talking smack to me about bringing our game, etc.
Anyways we went out in the rain and faced the team. It was extremely tight going both ways, but in the end the DYNAMITE'S walked away taking the title of first place with a score of 3-2.
Our girls were stoked, of course. But the poor EGB were just heart broken :( As I watched our girls jumping around celebrating, I saw my little go to her friend, Davi (who is from the EGB) wrap her arms around her and hug her as she cried. It truly made my heart melt, cry, and just be proud of my daughter.
To see that she took her self out of the equation to console her friend was awesome!
So now both teams move forward to the Regional Playoffs in Hemet. Can't wait to see how our girls progress!

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