Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He cares about the little things...

As I just did my WFW post, it was meant for this post. I intended on sharing my story, but the Lord had another plan & it ended up being the post that I posted.
So, now on to my story...
With everything going on lately with Dominic, I have been ubber busy! Well, Adriana's promotion is tomorrow & I haven't had a chance to do anything to prepare her or for her luau on Saturday.
My plan was, Little & I were going to go have mani-pedis done today after school. I was planning on buying some decorations for the luau and just making everything special for her.
So much for my plan. How does the saying go, "We make plans & God laughs". Yeah, well he must be laughing histarically right now. Needless to say, NONE of my plans have gone accordingly. But, I've also continued to trust that the Lord is working, not only in my little boys body, but for my girls party. I know, it sounds funny, that He would care enough to 'help' me get her party done & made special, but He does.
Yesterday, I was late picking up Adriana. It was just one of those days. She called me and told me that she was over at her friend, Chelsea's house, to pick her up there. So, I went over to Joanna & Chelsea's to pick up Adriana. Joanna & I started talking about Dominic (Joanna is Guatemalan, just like Jose. They have different 'beliefs' I guess you can say regarding health issues. They amaze me, they make me laugh & sometimes I wonder about some of them). While we were talking, Chelsea announced that she was going to get her nails done. I told Joanna that I planned on taking Adriana, but with things going on, I haven't had the chance to take her. So Joanna said, "Melissa, why don't you leave Adriana here & I will take her with Chelsea to get her nails done." Like the typical Melissa that I am, I told her no, that I would take her at some point. Joanna wouldn't let me tell her no & made me leave Adriana to go with them.
See, God even cares about my daughter's little nails being pretty for her promotion! Not to mention, What an awesome friend I have in Joanna! She has really blessed me with Adriana so many times! She is a great friend!
Then, today was my MOTS day. Yesterday Jose was telling me that I just shouldn't go, to stay home & get stuff done. I told him that I needed to go, I needed just 2 hours to myself with my "sisters" and some spiritual uplifting. I got up this morning, took the kids to school & had my whole morning planned. Well, once again I was faced with opposition! I went to take Ant to school, when he realized that he left his yearbook at home. So I turned around to get his yearbook. When he went in, Dominic was at the top of the stairs crying, which in turn woke Delayna up (now before I get bombarded with comments or messages...I don't leave the little ones home alone. My mom is up in her room when I run the kids to school). So now I had to pack them up into the truck & take them with me. Then instead of coming home & showering while the two littles were asleep, I had to feed Dominic, change a dirty diaper, answer my cousin's text messages & shower with a fussy baby outside my shower door. Dress the fussy baby while being wrapped in my towel, blow dry my hair with the fussy baby on my hip, put the fussy baby into the sink with a towel while I did my make-up, fight with Dominic to get dressed & ready to go. Then pack them into the truck & head out...
Once we got there, Dominic did NOT want to go into his class. Had to fight that, yadda yadda yadda. MAN, let me tell ya!
So once I was able to go into the group, sit & eat, I was good. We were doing raffle baskets.
My plans was to put 4 of my 22 tickets into the 'Green Basket', 6 of my tickets into the 'Picnic Basket' and the remaining 12 tickets into the movie basket in hopes of getting the movie 'Fireproof' and 4 movie tickets. I did them wanting the movie basket, but willing to take the other two. My theory behind it was to get something I could make time to spend with my family enjoying each other. Well....I didn't win any =(
BUT, God had another plan!
When everyone was cleaning up, Suzanne went & asked Wendy what she was going to do with all the Hawaiian stuff that we used for decorations.
Wendy told her she was going to throw it away, unless she wanted it. Suzanne told her that I needed it & she told her to give it to me!
So out of nowhere, Suzanne yells at me, "Hey, Melissa, all this stuff is yours for Adriana's Luau!"
He knows ALL my cares & cares about them more than I do!
I am completely besides myself with his blessings & love!


Denise said...

It's awesome how God takes care of the little details that produce such a great blessing! Your day sounded similar to mine yesterday (minus 2 children) Darien had his promotion day yesterday so I took the day off to volunteer before the promotion and stay for the bar b que. It was fun. Have a good day!

Karla said...

David watched 'Fireproof' without me and now wants to buy it. He bought the book that they refer to in the movie for him and one for me! Just read the introduction but he's been doing it for a week...and what a nice week it has been! God always takes care of us!

Mrs.J said...

Oh mit, I am so happy for your blessings. If it is important to you it is important to GOD. I am constantly amazed at the ways we are blessed if we allow God to be in control.