Friday, March 13, 2009

And my boy made the paper!

I got the Record Gazette (our local paper) and was reading through it. I came across a pic that looked familiar & sure enough, it was Ant's soccer team...The Titans!
I can't find the article online, so I will quote some lines from the article here:
"AYSO teams among region's best"
"For the first time in many years Pass Area AYSO qualified two teams in the same division at the Southern California Section 1 Playoffs, in Riverside."
The two teams were The Highlighters coached by Debbie Hopp and The Titans coached by Lenny Hernandez.
"The two U-14 Boys teams, after playing the regular 10 wk fall AYSO season in Beaumont, battled for the Regional Championship in Nov. 2008. The Titans clinched the championship spot with a 2-1 victory over The Highlighters. Both teams moved on to represent Pass Area Region 641 at the Area N Playoffs, held in San Bernardino & Hemet over four weekends in Jan. Once again they met in the championship round--only this time, The Highlighters came out on top with a 2-0 victory (*This was the game that I made it to during the 2nd half, just after having Delayna. Ant had a goal go past him. Then in the 4th quarter another went in =( *).
Both teams earned theri well-deserved spots advancing to the Section Playoffs in Riverside. At the end of Sat. games, the Highlighters finished 2nd in their pool, ending their season ranking 8th in Southern California.
The Titans won their pool, advancing to the semi-final round on Sunday. Loosing 1 & tying 2. (Ant only let 3 goals in the whole 2 days of play!)
The Titans are the first team in the Pass Area history to advance to the semi-final round in the U10-U14 divisions. They finished fourth at the end of Sunday and ending their season ranked fourth in Southern California."

Then they wrote, "...would like to extend a congratulations to the players, coaches, and parents of both the Titans & Highlighters for their accomplishments this season and for representing the region with integrity, class, and great sportsmanship."

I've had some stuff come my way about the board of AYSO (which I am part of), but I must say in the end...It's always been for the kids & things are done for them to succeed.
I am proud to be part of this organization & especially the Mama to this boy who has an awesome future ahead of him!


Winter Delivery said...

Your kids are awesome soccer players! I want to go watch them one day :) At this rate, they'll make varsity soccer in High School and play in College! Mothers dream BIG...I've learned!

Substatute Person said...

Will you be my mommy cause your kids always excell in sports maybe you could rub off on me? LOL