Thursday, November 6, 2008

Refrigerator Update!!!

Yeah, our part came in this morning for the 'fridge. Jose got home and before he even ate got that sucker in!
We all ate dinner & started cleaning up. I went and felt the inside of my 'fridge and guess what...
WOO HOO!!! My husband is the bomb, Oh Yeah, he's the bomb dancing girl Pictures, Images and Photos
So, he started to clean the 'fridge out and wash everything. I got up to help, but he yelled at me and told me to go sit my butt down (I have been having issues with my back and whole pelvic area. The baby is getting big & weighing on me).
So as I speak, he is cleaning out the whole thing and by the morning I should have a fully functioning refrigerator!!!!!!!


Joanna said...

Yay!! I think your husband is the bomb too! I am so happy for you.