Thursday, November 13, 2008

More cloth diaper info

Wet bag: A waterproof bag used for storing cloth diapers in your diaper bag. Common closures include drawstrings, zippers or hook and loop tape.
Yeah, something else I need in this journey of cloth diapering.
How do I make this fun & a bit easier?
I have bloggers that do AWESOME giveaways!!!!
MommaInFlipFlops2 has posted a really cool giveaway from a Sewing Mama. You can check out MommaInFlipFlops2 post here:
Then head over to to see all of the really cool products they have to offer. I must add, the prices are really reasonable. Yes I did say that!
So go check it out!!!


Andrea said...

Thank you!!!!11

Joanna said...

Those are really cute wetbags. I don't use one except for the one that I line my diaper pail with. For the diaper bag I just use plastic grocery bags.