Thursday, October 16, 2008

I don't like candy corn

Ok, so the topic was brought up on a group of moms I am involved in and I just had to blog about it. Just a memory that if I ever forget, I will be SO upset!
So here it goes...
There is a channel on t.v. called "Noggin". It is focused on pre-schoolers and has little characters that do little skits between cartoons.
They seem to do good at focusing on seasons and teach the kids matching, rhyming, colors, etc.
Well this season (fall) they have a song called "I don't like candy corn". Here is the youtube video of it:

Well Dominic & I LOVE this song!!! We also LOVE candy corn!!!
I believe that you are ONLY allowed to eat it during Halloween time (in my book, it's against the law to eat it any other time), you have to eat it color by color, either by the top or bottom, and you can ONLY eat the original candy corn (even though I have heard that the caramel one is really good).
I am just a dweeb with Candy Corn, but every time we go to eat it, we sing,
"I don't like candy corn."
Then I will ask Dom, "do you like candy corn?" and he will either answer yes or no, joking of course, and I have a little cauldron next to the candy corn container and if he says "Yes", then I say, "Here, you can have mine." And I give him the cauldron w/ some in it.
It is just a sweet little memory that will last just for this time, but I want to remember forever.
So after posting this & everyone reading, I encourage you to make memories with your children. Jot them down and remember them forever!!!


Joanna said...

I'm glad you blogged about this, its such a cute story and you know I love this song. Its still in my head!

The Biggest Blessing Is Being Called Mama said...

Thanks for bringing it up! I had to keep it in memory.