Monday, August 11, 2008

Stupid Motherboard!

So, my computer at home has been down for over 3 months. I finally came up with some money to take it in and be worked on.
VERY LONG story short....
I get a call on Friday to find out that the Motherboard is going out on it...UGH!
So, I talk to Jose and we decide that it's time to go get me a laptop.
It will be MY computer and I will be able to use it for more than just checking email. It will really improve my business.
So we really have been in prayer and before we went into the store we prayed that the Holy Spirit would just guide us to the right one.
So, after much talk w/ my computer guy, we decide to go to Best Buy and look for either an HP or a SONY.
3+GB memory, 250+ Hard Drive, NO Celleron...Yeah, like I even knew what all that stuff meant.
So, we go in, go to the laptops and begin looking. I seriously think I browsed over 2, and something pulled me to this one particular one.
It was an HP Laptop with 4GB memory and a 250 Hard Drive. I asked a crap load of questions and found out this particular laptop is actually one of the best with the best price on the floor.
So, we decide to buy it.
I am SO pleased with it!!! It takes a bit to get used to with it being a laptop, but it is gorgeous and so easy to use!
I posted some pics...
OH, PS, I went onto Best today and found it for $150 more than what I purchased it for! :-0
Here's the link to it


Judi said...

Yay!!!! Enjoy!