Thursday, July 10, 2008

Herrera Boy's First Camp Night

Anthony got a wild hair and wanted to camp out back with Dominic. So, we let him set up the little tent that we do have.

Here's Anthony setting the tent up

The Dogs trying to get in, a little dark

Dominic bringing the blankets down

Now the pillows

It's all set up!

Taking his pillow out to the tent

Piling more blankets & pillows in


Bobo & Bits in the tent ready for bed.

Jose and I were up at 4 am getting ready for work. So I sent Jose out to check on them. He said they were snoring.
So, after I got dressed, I went out and checked on them & they were both bundled up and sleeping like babies.
It is now almost 7 am and the sun is rising.
I wonder if they are up yet.
Just one of them moments that makes me proud to be a mama!
~The Biggest Blessing Is Being Called Mama~


Anonymous said...

1st camp night?!?! How fun!! The boys look exhausted in that last picture ~lol~like putting up the tent simply wore them out! lol!