Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Is In FULL SWING!

So it is now 9:00 am and the kids are STILL asleep!
I have been up for almost an hour and a half, and enjoyed peace and quiet!
We had Sarah here Friday, Sat & Sunday. Then they went over there Sun, Mon & Tues.
My kids are now home and Sarah is at her house.
We will see what the day has for us today.
Anthony's friends have been calling like 10 times a day, and he leaves Thrursday to go camping with Gage and his family until Sunday.
Dominic is teething, lots of fun, so he is fussy & being just real enjoyable...NOT!
Well, guess who just came trutting down the stairs,,,The Little man.
Guess I am done typing, he is trying to touch the screen and do something.